Amon Electronics provide a range of services. The list below provides some examples, but is not exhaustive. Click here to contact us if you have a specific requirement or question in mind.

Our services include:

Training, Consultancy & Assistance

Getting it right makes all the difference – whether you’re using a component or deciding on the right one to install. We can provide training in the use of all the products we distribute.

Extending this is our consultancy service, helping you define your needs.

Our calibration service ensures you get the most out of the products you purchase.

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Streamlined Procurement

Thanks to exclusive distributorships and strategic partnerships with the brands we distribute, we can offer a completely streamlined procurement process. We can source and supply any combination of equipment, tools and instruments.

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Site Visits

We come, talk to you and understand. Our site visits can help to better define your requirement. We can also make sense of safety issues through risk assessment and needs definition.

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Energy Management & Air Monitoring

The price of energy and the welfare of your employees and customers mean that being that bit greener not only makes a difference on your image – it affects your bottom line too.

Learn more about TSI AirPro and other TSI products and services from Amon Electronics.

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