Address: Amon Electronics Ltd., Unit W3E, Ladytown Business Park, Naas, Co. Kildare, Ireland. W91 W08C

Pilz offers complete automation solutions based around its core skill of safety – from sensor technology to control and actuator technology. The product range is being expanded to include corresponding software tools, diagnostic and visualisation systems as well as services. So complete system solutions emerge. Complete also means that our solutions consist both of automation solutions and safety solutions. To do this, we merge safety and automation into one solution.

Pilz solutions can be used in all areas of mechanical engineering, including the packaging and automotive industry, robot applications, plus the wind energy and railway technology sectors. These solutions guarantee that baggage handling systems run safely at airports, that theatre scenery moves smoothly and funiculars or roller coasters travel safely.



  • PLC Controllers
  • I/O Systems PSSuniversal
  • Software

Drive Technology:

  • Motion Control Systems
  • Servo Motors
  • Servo Amplifiers
  • Software

Sensor Technology:

  • Devices for position monitoring
  • Safety Switches
  • Safety gate systems
  • Optoelectronic sensors
  • Safe camera systems
  • Safe radar systems
  • Software


  • Safety relays
  • Monitoring relays
  • Line inspection devices
  • Brake control systems

Small Controllers:

  • Small controllers PNOZ Multi2
  • Configurable compact controllers
  • Configurable safety systems
  • Software