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Mico Pro is Murrelektronik’s innovative 24 VDC current monitoring system. The modular design makes it possible to create systems that fit the application perfectly – which adds value by creating a cost-benefit ratio that saves space in the control cabinet. Murrelektronik’s patented tripping behavior ensures maximum machine availability. An additional advantage is the integrated potential distribution concept. It significantly reduces the control cabinet wiring.

Power supply systems are the heart of machines and systems because they provide the energy required for operation. Overcurrent or short circuits can impact the power supply and cause machine downtime, production downtime and high costs. In order to maximize the reliability of the power supply systems, these problems have to be avoided. The Murrelektronik system consisting of high-quality power supplies and the Mico Pro power monitoring system, creates an optimum system with high machine availability.

Since its market launch in 2006, the innovative Mico current monitoring system has been used millions of times in machines and systems. In contrast to the miniature circuit breakers previously used, Mico triggers reliably even combined with long cables and the small cable cross-sections common in the 24 VDC range. This ensures long-term stable and error-free protection of load circuits in the 24 VDC range.

All channels in an installation are individually monitored for their current load with our patented tripping behavior. According to our early error detection principle, faulty channels are individually switched off. The source of the fault, such as overloads caused by worn loads or even short circuits, can be quickly and precisely localized using diagnostic functions. Once the error has been rectified, the affected channel is available again. Of course, channels are not switched off during intentional and short-term overloads, for example when starting capacitive loads. With the intelligent Mico control cabinet component, Murrelektronik is able to quickly and efficiently design troubleshooting solutions – the end of long downtimes and a factor for reliable production processes.

Solutions that fit the application perfectly

In order to meet the increasing requirements of automation technology in terms of modularity and miniaturization, Murrelektronik has further developed the Mico concept. With Mico Pro, Murrelektronik offers a modular solution: current protection systems can be designed that perfectly match the needs of users in their applications. The station has exactly the number of channels required for the specific application. The extensive portfolio offers versions with one, two or four channels, which are either preset or can be flexibly adjusted for the applications. Extensions can also be implemented in the future without any problems. An additional module can simply be plugged in if further channels have to be protected.

In order to ensure the reliability of the Mico Pro stations, Murrelektronik works with quality awareness in all process steps. We use of first-class components right from the development stage that are extremely efficient and are therefore not thermally stressed during operation. This results in a high MTBF value of over 2.4 million hours. Testing – for example with over 1,000 short-circuits – ensures the reliability of the components even in demanding situations. All this offers the dependability of a significantly long service life and regular availability.