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As a specialist for industrial plugs and sockets and a pioneer in electromobility, MENNEKES is shaping with you the market of the future. Driven by the courage to change and the enthusiasm for innovation.

MENNEKES has the energy and the connections to create unique solutions for you worldwide.

PLUG IN YOUR FUTURE! The PowerTOP® Xtra family.

As a specialist for plugs and sockets MENNEKES is known worldwide for setting standards. With the PowerTOP® Xtra it has always been our aim to deliver the highest quality products for practical use. After 125 A and 63 A, this unique product line will be extended to 32 A and 16 A.

We have combined all our know-how into a clearly structured product family and completely redefined our CEE plugs, sockets and phase inverters. In the future there will only be ONE PowerTOP® Xtra family with solutions for any area of application. Plugs, sockets and phase inverters have been completely redesigned and optimised in every detail!

Together with the well-proofed PowerTOP® Xtra in 63 A or 125 A, the new PowerTOP® Xtra family sets the CEE standard from 16 A to 125 A – completely with X-CONTACT inside!

EverBOX GRIP – The new approach to mobile distribution!

Born as an idea at a shipyard, meant for use in shipbuilding, made to be deployed in situations where space is limited and conditions hard. These are the new mobile distributors from MENNEKES, which received the popular Design Plus Award.

Everything started in close dialogue with customers in the shipbuilding sector. Here the mobile distributors are exposed to the hardest conditions they can ever encounter. Mobile means “highly mobile”, stable means “almost indestructible” and handy means “must be manoeuvrable in narrow spaces”. The result was so convincing that we developed it for series production.

“Mobile, stable, handy” is the goal pursued with the new mobile solution. And the implementation is just as consistent and uncompromising.

Large handles allow good handling and at the same time serve as bumpers for the distributor enclosure.

The fuses are protected under transparent windows, but easy to reach, the fuse elements are easily accessible. The sockets, which can be operated from above, can be easily reached due to their angled position.

The closure of the distributor is extremely robust and provides very good protection for the assembly – additionally secured by the handles as external bumpers. Thanks to the handles, up to four distributors can be stacked on top of each other, which allows an easy storage.

All mobile distributors can be equipped with either red or black handles, have the degree of protection IP 44 and are optionally available with fixed cable (2 m) or 16 A and 32 A connectors.

Charge Up Your Day! Intelligent eMobility charging solutions

Electromobility is the topic of the day. As the number of registrations of battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles continuously increases, there is an ever-increasing demand for charging points. Intelligent user-friendly solutions are needed to charge electric vehicles safely and sustainably. But it should also be possible for operators to operate such charging infrastructure economically and grow the customer base!

This is why we look at eMobility as a complete system and provide hardware, software and all associated services.

Whatever your plans for establishing an intelligent charging infrastructure are: with MENNEKES you have a partner at your side who has many years of experience, a comprehensive range of services and products, drives the highest quality standards and constant innovation for solutions that set new standards in modern electric mobility.

As a single source and with extensive know-how, we are not only the pioneers – but also the pace setter and driving force in this sector. MENNEKES offers you everything you need to operate a state-of-the-art charging infrastructure, from charging stations to billing solutions, from individual concepts to complete networked solutions. We look to the future, focus on resource conservation and sustainability, and keep one step ahead of the rest. If you choose MENNEKES as your partner, you already choose the future today – don’t miss out!

As the decision-maker numerous options are available to you when it comes to setting up a charging infrastructure that meets your needs. Both during concept as well as scale up phase. We will help you to find your individual solution that meets your specific needs and requirements to ensure that you are able to make the most from eMobility in the long term.

Billable eMobility charging solutions

No matter what requirements you have for your charging infrastructure in terms of the locations and applications – our broad product portfolio offers solutions tailored to your needs.

As a charging station operator, the question is not only which product solution is the right one, but also how the business model should be structured?

Will you provide electricity free of charge or do you intend to sell it?

A MENNEKES solution provides investors with different billing models:

From the free provision of electricity, for example for visitors, through flat rate billing options to consumption-based (“kWh / time-based”) solutions such as charging private employee vehicles – MENNEKES offers you all solutions.

Building dependent, there are several options for billing the charged electricity. Directly through the service charge statement, through simple monthly flat-rates, via regular read outs of the energy meter integrated in the charging stations or even directly from national or regional providers.

Whether in the hotel’s underground car park or the parking lot in front of the entrance, electric cars parking is now a regular sight.

You can bill the charged electricity via the hotel bill easily using a flat rate charge. Alternatively, you can use the full service offer of a national or regional provider.

Car parks
As a parking operator, charge simply via your ticketing system (e.g. from Scheidt & Bachmann). The payment for charging services is made via the parking ticket at the payment machine. Alternatively, you can use the full provider service offer of a national or regional provider.

We help you on your way to electromobility and offer you professional and modular solutions from a single source.