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STI has since been acquired by Omron.

The most challenging applications to ensure safety are those where personnel are required to access areas where potentially hazardous operations take place, such as machining, welding, movement of a robot arm, etc. The best safety device is one that offers the maximum protection with minimum impact on machine operations at the lowest possible cost. Our comprehensive line of safety components are engineered to meet your most demanding functional safety needs while preserving your productivity and ensuring your people are safe.

Safety Logic Devices – Controllers

Omrons safety controllers offer a set of unique features from small to large applications, with intuitive programming environment and simple troubleshooting.

Safety Light Curtains

From basic intrusion detection to more advanced devices in complex applications, Omron has the ideal opto-electronic safety technology to meet your needs.

Safety Laser Scanners

From area protection to AGV navigation, Omron safety laser scanners help optimise your most challenging applications and provide data for analytics.

Safety Door Switches

Omron’s door switches detect the opening of guards or doors to prevent unauthorised access to hazardous areas and ensure the safe implementation of emergency equipment stoppages.

Safety Limit Switch

Omron’s Limit Switches offer a full range of solutions for safety applications, from the smallest class of safety limit switches in the world to robust models with metal housing.

Safety Operator Controls

Meet your safety requirements and assure safe operation with Omron’s safety operators controls.

Emergency Stop Devices

Designed to halt equipment functions in emergency situations, Omron’s E-Stop devices are a crucial component of a complete safety circuit.

Safety Logic Devices

Omron’s safety relays feature wide-ranging safety functionality, low maintenance needs and compact housing to help you save space on your panel.

Safety Mats and Edges

Protect your team by safeguarding hazardous areas with an efficient combination or pressure-sensitive sensors as safety mats, edges and bumpers.

Safety Outputs

Safety output products are crucial when designing a reliable safety system that requires redundancy and monitoring capabilities.